How Many LinkedIn Messages Can I Send Per Day?

3 min readOct 22, 2020
How Many LinkedIn Messages Can I Send Per Day?

People go on LinkedIn to make new connections. It is the biggest platform for professionals, marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to expand their network. This is mainly done by sending connection requests and messages to prospects.

For those who are actively seeking new connections and messaging leads, you might be curious about how many messages LinkedIn allows you to send per day. The truth is that LinkedIn does not actually put a limit to the number of messages their users can send on a daily basis.

The important thing to remember is that just because you can, does not mean you should. There are rules you need to follow in order to keep your own LinkedIn account safe. A good rule of thumb is to try and stay within a certain limit, even though there are no hard rules in place.

How Many Messages Can You Send in A Day?

Do not make more than 250 actions per day on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a monitoring system in place that works pretty well. It is designed to ensure that users are not “overusing” the platform. This means users should generally try to stay under 250 actions per day, or else LinkedIn might detect some unusual activity.

Excessive activity might lead to your account getting flagged by LinkedIn’s monitoring system and eventually blocked.

The 250 actions include sending connection requests and sending messages. For example, if you have sent 100 messages today, you can still send either 150 connection requests, or 150 more messages. It is worth noting that you can safely view up to 500 profiles a day.

Messaging on LinkedIn should be about quality and not quantity. There are many automation tools out there that can help you speed up repetitive tasks and complete mundane actions like sending connection requests easily. But even with these tools, you need to make sure you are using them properly so that LinkedIn does not think you are spamming.

It’s not about sending as many messages as you can, but reaching the right people using the right message. Kennected, for example, is an automation tool that lets you send personalized messages automatically, so that they don’t feel like spam and the recipients are more likely to respond to them.

Why Choose Kennected

What sets Kennected apart, however, is its use of laser-accurate data to find the ideal clients for you. By putting your message in front of the right audience, Kennected helps you expand your network without spamming the website.

LinkedIn messaging is a back and forth way of communicating: similar to other social media messaging apps. It is a great tool that can be used to find and create new connections. But at the core of social marketing is building real relationships. It is not just about reaching as many people as you can. Focus on having real conversations with the connections you already have.

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